Distressed Debt Acquisition Support Services

The secondary market for Non Performing Loans (NPL) in India is growing rapidly with growing number of Banks and Financial Institutions auctioning NPL portfolios as an annual ritual and increasing number of market participants.

The development of secondary market has called for need of specialised professionals with in depth understanding of legal and financial aspects of NPL resolution and recovery, for carrying Due Diligence and Asset Pricing for advising distressed debt investors on these transactions.

RCA comprises of legal and finance professionals having hands on experience in managing and resolving NPL portfolios for asset reconstruction companies, banks and financial institutions which facilitate a comprehensive and practical assessment of NPL Portfolios for distress investors.

Our Transition Management services provide comprehensive handholding support required by Distressed Debt Investors for stepping into the shoes of Banks and Financial Institutions, including transition of loan and security documents and substitution in all legal proceedings to enable a head on resolution start for the investors.

Distressed Debt Acquisition Support Services include:-

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Asset Pricing
  • Data Room Preparation
  • Transition Management
  • Documentation

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